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All fields of alternative medicine have always been subjects of fraud to discredit them so that dealers of human mind and body keep destroying the most masterpiece of God's creature. I want all of you to study with absolute exactness this website and in case of any question just contact, after satisfaction of your curiosity you may start treatment, may the good Lord support all his sheeps from evils.

Balance of Soul




Drugs work and effect fast but their side effects always create other sort of illnesses, in other words , reaching partial balance by destroying balance of other parts of body. Alternative medicine works slow but it brings back balance with no side effects, The good part is the fact that you could follow both regular and alternative medicine simultanously, yet so soon the patient loses all interests toward prescribed remedies (drugs) .The unwillingness is imposed by the balanced flow of energy which shall be obtained little by little.  There are many fields of alternative medicine like: Homeopathy, Isopathy , NAET which is the subject of this website and the name a few. I don't want to hold a comparison among them which essentials a large debate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I advise you to read this website with absolute care several times, any moment that a question rises in your mind, write it down, after that send me your questions and I shall respond all of them.  The link below shall direct you to some general and common questions and I have tried to answer clearly, again in case of any doubt or misunderstanding, contact me direct via email or phone. 



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