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Balance of Soul

Regular medicine is based on Chemistry, drugs  which control different systems of body. According to the ancient Chinese medicine, there are meridians of energy flow around our body which rule over the function of human systems, with a steady and governing flow. Any change in the flow of energy could cause disease , either from viruses , bacteria to spiritual stresses or both. To return back to the balance of energy which is equal with absolute health , we have 2 ways: regular medicine & alternative medicine .



Drugs work and effect fast but their side effects always create other sort of illnesses, in other words , reaching partial balance by destroying balance of other parts of body. Alternative medicine works slow but it brings back balance with no side effects, The good part is the fact that you could follow both regular and alternative medicine simultanously, yet so soon the patient loses all interests toward prescribed remedies (drugs) .The unwillingness is imposed by the balanced flow of energy which shall be obtained little by little.  There are many fields of alternative medicine like: Homeopathy, Isopathy , NAET which is the subject of this website and the name a few. I don't want to hold a comparison among them which essentials a large debate. 

But all fields are basically a tool to reprogram the balance of mind ( Soul or flow of energy) ,  they effect from top to the bottom in spite of regular medicine which effects from bottom to top lamely. NAET  is a strong tool to eliminate allergy , but it could effect all sort of illness , it is a universal language to reprogram a famine-stricken mind , able to cure even diseases like MS, ADD, CANCER, ALZEIMER and etc , slowly and gradually, What is of utmost importance is the personality of the practitioner who exercises this technique which effects on the duration of cure. Not everybody is shaped to reprogram human mind, pure heart and willing to serve humans are the most important factors for a successful practitioner.