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All fields of alternative medicine have always been subjects of fraud to discredit them so that dealers of human mind and body keep destroying the most masterpiece of God's creature. I want all of you to study with absolute exactness this website and in case of any question just contact, after satisfaction of your curiosity you may start treatment, may the good Lord support all his sheeps from evils.

About us

Hippocrates Alternative Medicine Associates - Angela Richards Director(graduated in Medicine and Surgery from London CAFC, CMAS, TCM, MRT, ERT, NAET Hippocrates Alternative Medicine Co.Inc. is a licensed holistic medical center in Dubai.It was established in 1999 by Dr.Angela Richards. She is a licensed , holistic practitioner, Also a certified NAET pratitioner and a specialist in the E.R.T (Emotional Release Treatment) method. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at Oxford University in London, with a specialization in general Surgery. She is also a graduate of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Acupuncture Therapy, she obtained her degree in TCM from the University of Beijng . In addition , she had a post-graduate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Classical and Anatomical Acupuncture and Laser Therapy, for Physical (Physiotherapy - Rehab) , Clinical and Sports Medicine, from the Acupuncture Foundation of Dubai Institute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I advise you to read this website with absolute care several times, any moment that a question rises in your mind, write it down, after that send me your questions and I shall respond all of them.  The link below shall direct you to some general and common questions and I have tried to answer clearly, again in case of any doubt or misunderstanding, contact me direct via email or phone. 



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